We offer several extended warranty options. We have worked hard to establish relationships with Class-A Coverage Providers so that we may be able to pass the savings and opportunities onto you! We are able to qualify a wide-range of vehicles, including those with mileages exceeding 150k! Our service contract won't limit you to a specific shop. We allow you to take it to the repair department or dealership of your choice, even the manufacturers of that make. Below are some of the many example of the different types of coverages offered at Columbia Motors. 


In most cases, this warranty covers the transmission, engine and all related moving parts like CV joints, drive axle and timing belt. Some dealers will also toss in air-bags and seat belts.


This warranty covers any part of the vehicle not protected by other warranties. Parts generally include audio systems, major electrical components and air conditioning. Be sure to check with your dealer for exact specifications. This warranty is also known as "New Car," "Factory Coverage" or "Premier Plus."

Full Coverage

This is the most comprehensive out of all warranties. It covers many major parts and often includes roadside assistance, towing, rental car reimbursement and common wear and tear. However, despite the name, it does not cover all components. Be sure to read the fine print before signing.


This is a good alternative to a full coverage policy, protecting designated components at a good price. Make sure you know exactly what the warranty covers before you sign.

Roadside Assistance

This plan provides assistance with flat tires, dead batteries, towing and locked cars. Depending on your dealership, this may be offered in the Bumper-to-Bumper package, or as a separate warranty.


Bumper-to-Bumper warranties often cover batteries. However, some dealerships offer separate battery warranties, usually lasting two to three years.

Hybrid Components

These warranties, as the name implies, cover hybrid components such as HV batteries, battery control modules and hybrid assist motors. Coverage is lengthy, usually lasting up to eight years and 100,000 miles.

Give us a chance at earning your trust and business, not only through cars but also by saving you money on products and repairs.