Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to sell my car?

Most cars sell within 30-45 days. As rule of thumb we try and turn our entire inventory within 60 days. 

How does Columbia Motors Charge?

Columbia Motors charges a flat fee on all consignments. Most importantly, we will work with you to ensure that we get the best value out of the vehicle that you are looking for. Moreover, our sales staff are in constant communication with you through the process and will communicate any offers that are received. 

Can you help me determine what my car is worth?

Of course! Our trained staff will take into account all aspects of your vehicle and the current market to help determine the best price to list your car at, what you can expect to sell the car for, and the best way to get the car to market and sell it for as much money and as quickly as possible. We combine dealer appraisal tools from various sources along with years of our own experience, to help you reach the right market value for your car. 

What if I have a bank loan?

No problem at all. We will handle the entire process from pay-off to transferring the title for you. Once the car sells, we take care of everything and cut you a check for the difference.

Can you accept trade-ins on my car even if it is on consignment?

Yes! We treat every car at Columbia Motors Inc the same, regardless of if we own it or if it is on consignment. Many people like to utilize our trade-in program, where your car will get to take advantage of the full benefits of being in our inventory.

Can a consignment car be financed by a potential buyer?

Yes, we work with a wide variety of lending institutions that offer a wide range of financing options regardless of the customers credit score or financials. As a result, Columbia Motors consignment cars have a much higher chance of selling through our lot at higher prices and rates, compared to a private seller.  

If you have any additional specific questions regarding the consignment process, please don't hesitate to call our staff.