Consign With Us

Why Consign exclusively with Columbia Motors


  • Reconditioning - Columbia Motors Inc. offers easy and professional reconditioning services to make your vehicle front line ready at showroom quality finish. A full interior (steam clean, scrub, and vinyl polish), exterior (cut, polish, and buff), and under the hood cleaning is available as well interior restoration from cigarette burns, worn out leather and vinyl.
  • Advertising - Columbia Motors Inc. offers a wide variety of avenues for marketing your vehicle in order to reach the largest target market possible. Consigning your vehicle with Columbia Motors gains access to advertising through our contracts with larger entities like,, CarGurus, CUDL, Carforsale, and even Ebay. We also include your vehicle on our company website and keep posts current in places such as Craigslist. We have a dedicated inventory specialist who will feature your car with the best array of photos, as well as provide further research to enhance the description of the vehicle and vehicle options.
  • Offer Financing - Since we are a exclusive auto dealer, we have financing available at our fingertips. Columbia Motors has the ability to offer financing to our customers that is not available to private sellers. Selling premium vehicles at higher price points is a difficult task as a private seller. Our ability to offer in-house financing drastically increases the buyer pool.
  • Tax Savings - While there is no sales tax in Oregon, in other states most people are unaware that they receive a tax credit when they trade-in or sell a car to a dealership. This is no different with a consignment car, where you will be given those same tax credits once we sell your vehicle.
  • Time Saving - We can offer you a larger return in a shorter period of time versus privately selling your vehicle.
  • Trade-ins - Columbia Motors Inc. has the ability to accept trade-ins as full or partial payments for your vehicle.
  • Availability - Our dealership is open six days a week with extended Hours. We take appointments early in the mornings, as well as later in the evenings, and can arrange for a viewing on a Sunday.


Finally, Our Promise To You

Columbia Motors Inc. views every consignment contract as a partnership. We are dedicated to finding the perfect customer for your vehicle and value the opportunity and your business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more details about the Columbia Motors vehicle consignment program!

You can get started by filling out our Consignment Form Here: